Seay Business Model


  • Wholesale fuel sales to retail sites

  • Petroleum freight

  • Tankwagon fuel sales

  • Wholesale lubricant sales

  • Licensed Shell Distributor June 2014

Wholesale fuel sales to retail sites

All sites must meet or have the potential for the following:

  • Fuel sales in excess of 1.2 million gallons annually
  • Well maintained and modern facilities/equipment
  • Payments made utilizing ACH/EFT
  • Minimum contract length – 10 years

Seay Oil Company, Inc. regularly invests in high volume sites to provide for canopy renewals, lighting, fuel dispensors, etc. and is granted a 15 year exclusive fuel supply contract.  Emphasis is placed on securing a “branded contract”.

Petroleum Freight

Seay Transport, LLC owns and operates 30 petroleum transports and is a licensed carrier operating in six states.

  • All units are equipped with GPS monitors
  • All units have (5) compartments
  • All units are equipped with 3” pumps
  • Operating hours are 24/7

Seay Transport, LLC actively markets its’ services out of (15) fuel terminals and utilizes its’ relationship with Seay Oil Company, Inc. to attract high volume customers.

Tankwagon Fuel Sales

Seay Oil Company, Inc. currently owns and operates (9) tankwagons, each with capacity ranging from 4,500 gallons to 5,500 gallons, throughout its’ marketing area delivering 17,000,000 gallons annually.

Seay Oil Company, Inc. has a distribution area of over 340 counties in 6 states, Western Kentucky, West Tennessee, Southern Illinois, Southeast Missouri, Northeastern Arkansas, and Northern Alabama.  Seay Oil Company, Inc. operates 24 transport units to distribute over 112 million gallons of gasoline and diesel fuels annually to convenient stores, construction companies, agriculture operations, marinas, and commercial industry.

Seay Oil Company is a jobber for:

  • BP – (24 million gallons) 20 years; 28 sites
  • Citgo – (4 million gallons) 15 years; 3 sites
  • ExxonMobil – (12 million gallons) 8 years; 12 sites
  • Gulf – (2 million gallons) 3 years; 2 sites
  • Sinclair – (1.5 million gallons) 1 year; 1 site

Seay Oil Company, Inc. currently services approximately 250 lubricant customers.  We currently provide cases, pails, drums, totes, and bulk lubricants to our customers.  We have increased our sales force in the lubricants department and are looking forward to doubling our customer base in the next year.

Our current business arrangement with our customers is powerfully customer service based.  A branded customer joining our company will be offered new Wayne Ovation dispensers, LED canopy lighting, new LED price sign, new point-of-sale console (normally a Ruby Sapphire), all new brand imaging on canopy and new paint on the store.  The amount of the offering depends on volume and location of the site.

Seay Oil Company is a member of KPMA and BPAMA.  Seay Oil Company, Inc. supports several charities annually including Cystic Fibrosis, American Cancer Society, Imagination Library, St. Jude and others.  Seay Oil Company, Inc. also sponsors several local youth charities and school fundraisers/events.