Over 40 Years of Experience

Your real property is certainly one of the most important assets you own, and if you own the corresponding oil & gas or coal rights, your property can be even more valuable and provide a separate income stream for you and your family.  Perhaps you are a developer of oil & gas wells who needs an experienced practitioner to guide you through the legal regulatory hoops associated with the oil & gas business.  Or maybe you are a developer or owner who finds themselves in litigation over a lease.

Either way, Dan Thomas and the other attorneys at Thomas, Arvin & Adams are here to help.  With over 40 years of experience in Western Kentucky coal, oil & gas law, Dan Thomas has a proven record of vigilantly fighting for his client’s rights to either receive their royalties or work their lease.  Dan has won cases against Peabody Coal Company and fought the likes of Texas Gas.  At the same time, Dan has represented numerous Oil & Gas developers throughout Western Kentucky, helping them to secure their rights under the leases they hold.  So, if you find yourself experiencing an issue with a lease, a surface owner, or simply need someone to help walk you through the complicated regulations in the field of oil & gas, don’t hesitate to call Dan Thomas and let his experience work for you.