Successfully Litigating Complex Disputes

Wills and trusts are commonly used to express the last wishes of the deceased.  Sometimes unforeseen or unintended events occur that leave the survivors with complex legal questions.  The law firm of Thomas, Arvin & Adams is well-known for successfully litigating complex disputes concerning a family estate or family trust.  This area of practice includes prosecuting or defending the following situations:

Acts of undue influence which cause the deceased to alter their estate plan in favor of a wrongdoer.

Lack of mental capacity, such as Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia

Misappropriation of assets by a trustee, guardian, or power of attorney (POA)

Breach of fiduciary duty by failure to properly manage or account for assets

Improperly executed will or trust document

Requests to remove a trustee or executor for mismanagement or hostility toward the beneficiaries